Steve LambertWe have travelled around Australia for over 45 years, with many rigs and set ups, and have published this sixth edition of our book to assist you with your travels. It was not until a few years ago that we managed to unlock the secrets relating to the artesian thermal pools and wish to share them with you. During this process we also discovered the therapeutic qualities of the ”Thermal Waters.”

We hope this 6th publication will assist you prior and during your travels to plan and locate the many and varied artesian thermal pools and natural springs throughout Australia. Victoria is used as an example of identifying geothermal and natural springs in the one area and does not cover them all as the majority are natural springs. This publication is also aimed at accessing the artesian thermal pools and natural springs by a conventional 2wd vehicle. To differentiate between the 2wd black top and 4wd red top we will identify unsealed roads in the facility overview along with the pools criteria i.e. geothermal or natural “cool”.

We have noticed that every artesian thermal pool is different, not only in temperature but also their health benefits. It used to be called as” the taking of the waters”, which relates to the healthy and invigorating custom of bathing in natural springs. The therapeutic benefits are many and varied, from relieving stress, aiding recovery from injury and improving mobility. There are substantial amounts of minerals such as bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium and potassium that will help the skin, bones and internal organs to remain strong and lively.

Whilst you travel to these areas to enjoy an invigorating soak in the therapeutic thermal pools you will also benefit by drinking the water. Reason being is that the majority of camping facilities and towns obtain all their water requirements from these bores. As previously stated the majority of these pools are thermal and the increased temperatures in the water can help circulation and cardiac health. Temperatures can differ from 27°C at Yarrangobilly to 42°C at Lightning Ridge. Some springs discharge artesian water at above 87°C so care should be taken with springs or bores out in the open areas.

Anyone with a health condition should seek medical advice prior to immersing themselves in these waters. It is also recommended that a limit of 20 minutes should be imposed and care should be taken when exiting the pools. It is advisable to sit on the edge of the pool for several minutes prior to standing. The benefits of bathing in these mineral waters are extensive. Bicarbonate balances the pH in the bloodstream; calcium and silica are good for bones; magnesium helps keep kidneys healthy; potassium is good for the mind and muscles; sodium helps prevent stomach disorders and sulphate purifies the liver. Refer to pages 25 & 26 for more information pertaining to the health benefits of soaking in thermal facilities. We hope that you can benefit from this publication, not only in assisting you with planning your trip but to enjoy the many hours of soaking in these natural gifts. You will be amazed with not only the health benefits but the social interaction you will experience with the travelling and local fraternity.